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Commercial Pest Control

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Why your business needs a pest control contract.

Today, most business owners have some kind of pest control contract in place.

Any business owner that has had a pest issue knows the damaging impact pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches etc, can have on their reputation. However, with an Essex Pest Proof serviced contract, you can sleep easy, knowing you’re protected 365 days of the year.

It’s not just about protecting your reputation.

A pest control contract ensures that your business remain compliant with all pest-related health and safety regulations. Local authorities have the power to enforce a temporary closure if a business is found to have a severe infestation. Could your business recover from this?

A pest control contract consists of regular inspections, enabling our technicians to identify and eliminate pest activity before an infestation occurs. Many types of pest can establish large infestations over a very short period of time.

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Our aim is to ensure that your business complies with current Pest Control legislation and recommended best practices. On each visit we will apply the appropriate pesticides and monitoring devices necessary to treat and control the infestation covered in the service contract. Our clients will be made aware of the details of the work undertaken, all findings and any recommendations that may arise from our inspection.

Essex Pest Proof can provide long or short term Pest Control solutions for your business or one off treatments for problems that need to be resolved immediately. Contact us to discuss our contract and Non contract Commercial Pest Control Services Now!

Whatever the pest we are fully armed with both knowledge and courage.


Dedicated in providing you a swift, friendly and reliable service. Our vermin vanquishers are ready and waiting to serve you in your hour of need.