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Over 90% of Rat problems within properties in the UK, are because of faulty and defective drainage systems. So if you are hearing noises in your walls, ceilings and under your floor we can help.

How Rats Enter Your Home

Rats will find their way out of faulty drain systems which are normally adjacent to your properties foundations and cavity walls. Once rats have found a point of ingress they will exploit it and gain access into your cavity or under the foundations. They can then move around your property using the cavity walls and voids finding their way into loft areas. If you have had building work extending over existing drainage systems or if drainage systems have been modified, this could also allow rats into your property.

Drain Rat Investigation Surveys

Using the latest drain camera survey equipment, we will undertake an extensive drain camera inspection to identify faults and defects which could allow rats out of the sewers and into your home. We have developed techniques which allow us to access every part of your system including redundant branch lines and connections.

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Drain Solutions

Our detailed drain inspection survey report will include a solution to solve your drain rat infestation problem. Once you have this information you can approach contractors for like for like quotations, it is however vital that you get the correct survey information. Solutions include drain liners to seal defective or redundant drains and valves to stop rats entering your drainage system. At Essex Pest Proof we have the knowledge, investigation techniques and solutions to solve your rat infestation problems.

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