Domestic Pest Control

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“A man without wisdom is lacking in much.”

At Essex Pest Proof, we have an army of valiant pest control heroes, waiting to vanquish any meddlesome beast which may invade your kingdom. Providing a swift response to domestic pest control emergencies throughout south east Essex. Our experience, and technical expertise, allows us to identify the most effective Pest Control Solutions based on our knowledge of behavioural patterns, infestation rates and the likelihood of a recurrence.

Shielding, guarding, defending, and protecting your home against unwanted invaders.

Rodent Control

Covering all types of rodents, including marauding mice, rampaging rats, and ghastly grey squirrels. These pests prove no match for our valiant Viking hero’s. Once any unwanted invader has been successfully sent to Valhalla, we will ensure they will never darken your door again, by identifying and removing the ability to gain entry to your home, or castle!

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Insect Control

No bug is too small to evade detection by our legendary Norse warriors. We can cleanse your home from all insects including, wasps, fleas, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, moths, flies. After a site survey has been undertaken, we can advise the best course of action required to regain your home from these pesky invaders.

Bird Control  

If you’re suffering with pillaging pigeons, hail one of our specialist Solar panel protectors of the realm. Birds nesting under or around the panels can damage cables, deposit fouling onto panels, block gutters with nesting material and present a health hazard. We can install solar panel protection and install gutter spikes thus encouraging these feathered foes to find another home.

Whatever the pest we are fully armed with both knowledge and courage.


Dedicated in providing you a swift, friendly and reliable service. Our vermin vanquishers are ready and waiting to serve you in your hour of need.